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Remembering Kevin



So a couple of weeks ago, I lost a dear friend.  We had known each other for thirty years, sort of drifting in and out of each other lives, but for about the past five years we had been pretty good about texting, phone calls, and getting together for coffee on a fairly regular basis.

The holidays were always a rough time to get together so just before Thanksgiving,  Kevin and I switched to our normal way of staying in touch – the text:  “thinking of you.  Love you lots”  “happy thanksgiving  hugs”

Just before the new year, I got a text from him – need to talk, how about coffee?  He looked not good –he’d  lost weight and was pale.  We talked about his health, tried to be optimistic, but for the first time, he wasn’t as upbeat.  Money  worries, job worries, health worries, kid worries.  This time it was me saying that everything would be okay.

Fast forward four weeks, and I get the bad sad terrible news that Kevin has died from pancreatic cancer.  The bottom fell out of my world.  To describe thirty years of friendship and what it meant to me would take a huge amount of time, and I would not be able to do it justice.   And I’m still really raw.  I burst into tears a lot.  And I’m incredibly sad.

The last two or three years we would meet at Starbucks for coffee and talk about life in general, our kids and grandkids, work.  We could talk about everything and time would just fly by.  Although his life had not always been easy, he worked very hard to overcome those obstacles.  He had quit drinking, drugs, cigarettes, and was successfully managing his diabetes.  I was so proud of him because a lesser person would have given up.  He had been named for St. Kevin, and his patron saint served as a great inspiration for him.

He was someone I could always count on, and who was always there for me.  He loved me when I could not love myself, and could always make me laugh.  The life lessons I learned from him will live on in my heart, and in this newest card.

I am the One who always looks for the best.  I am the one who believes in living life to the fullest.  I am the one who keeps on trying.  I am the one who will succeed.

Rest in peace, my old friend.

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One thought on “Remembering Kevin

  1. Jean Theurkauf

    I’m so sorry Susan, your words are such a beautiful tribute to Kevin and to your friendship . Know that he will always be with you because he is a part of you. Hugs…. Big ones….