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Paste Paper Workshop!

This past weekend I was oh so fortunate to have participated in a paste paper and coptic stitch bound journal making workshop in Putney, Vermont with my friend and fellow CZT, Sadelle.  She and her partner, Ann, also put me up (or was it put up with me?)  for the weekend so I would not have to make the two hour drive each way.  So it was a wonderful three days of friends, old and new, art, fun, conversation, and great food.

Our workshop leader, Nancy Shepherd, got us right into the paste paper and colors on Friday afternoon.  She had a huge pot of paste that we squirted acrylic paints into to create our colors. With the colored paste spread on huge sheets of paper, we created marks and designs with brushes, tools, and our fingers on the paper and set them around the room to dry.  Each of us made between 8 and 12 papers.  Then we left, anxious to come back the next morning, and see what our dried paste papers looked like.

paste paper (1)paste paper (2)

The next morning we arrived at Nancy’s studio ready to start creating our journal covers.  I decided to make two smaller journals, and was pleasantly surprised to discover two of my papers just sang “spring is on the way!” and cut them down to size.  It was amazing to look around the room and see the transformation of the papers from a larger design to a more focused smaller journal cover.

We covered our binders board, chose inside cover pieces, glued everything down, put our covers in a press to be weighed down flat and began putting together our signatures for the pages of the journal.  We were encouraged to create cover for our signatures by using additional paste papers and/or really high quality construction paper so the spine of our journal would not show the plain white journal signatures.

Sunday morning we began stitching our journals together using the Coptic stitch binding method.  It looks complicated and does take some getting used to, but it has a nice rhythm.  It’s not only decorative, but always the journal to lie flat open.  I was able to get both of my journals completed.

completed in and out (1)completed in and out (2)completed journals


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. My friends were gracious and generous hostesses.  It was a weekend of great fun, food, and conversation.

If you are interested in a Zentangle® classes in the Vermont area, please check out Sadelle and Ann’s website at www.tanglevermont.com.


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