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Fabric Flowers!

A couple of weeks ago, I took a fabric flower class with my mother-in-law, Ruth. We had so much fun! Our class was at Sew Together Quilt Shop in Tewksbury, which, by the way, has the MOST DELICIOUS fabrics. Definitely worth a visit!


It was really great to take my sewing machine out again and start working with fabric. Many years ago, when my children were little, I took sewing lessons and actually made a few things. However, my sewing of late had really been sporadic to whip up small crafty things. We each received a kit to make three beautiful flowers and they are lovely! Our winter has been so long, it was good to see bright and cheery flowers. These are my friend Kimee’s flowers. She is so talented!


But, of course, I didn’t finish mine because I am a teacher’s nightmare (never finishing class projects, too busy looking at what everyone else is doing). I brought them home with good intentions, but they really sat in the bag until yesterday. And then I offered to make a bouquet of them in black and white tangle-y type fabrics for the registration table at a Certified Zentangle Teacher event I am attending in April.

Out came the sewing machine and here they are!image

But my sewing machine weighs a ton!! And I love it anyway. I bought it back in 1986 from So-Fro Fabrics, and it is their store brand Singer. It’s almost thirty years old and will last another thirty. But, like I said, it weighs a ton, and it’s hard to cart around, and it needs to be serviced again.

However, whilst browsing through some quilting blogs, I found this machine. OMG! The Janome 660 Jem Gold weighs 12 pounds, so it’s easy to transport, and it has a drop-in bobbin and wide bed. I read all the reviews and decided to go for it. I love it!



Next project – Sashiko quilting…. Stay tuned!

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